Own production of
DKRNT 0.025 KT nickel wire

Our company, located in Chelyabinsk, specializes in manufacturing (drawing) ultra-thin nickel wire of 0.025 mm diameter. For this purpose we installed sliding (wet) drawing machines with a possible capacity of more than 200 kg of nickel wire of 0.025 mm diameter per month.

The wire is manufactured strictly in accordance with GOST 2179-75 and technical clarification of our company. In addition, we own a laboratory for the analysis of the chemical composition and physical properties of both the billet (rolled) and finished product.




Quality guarantee of the products is confirmed by IGAS research company.

Flexible prices

We offer flexible pricing based on the results of negotiations with a customer.


Direct contract with DHL courier service; experience of fast customs registration and customs clearance of products in a buyer's


We accept payment for the goods that are already produced and after its demonstration to the buyer.

Payment delay

It is possible to get products with a deferred payment upon the security: the conditions are discussed individually.

Payment with no money

Barter is possible. Tangible and other assets may be taken into consideration: vehicles on the balance sheet or in private ownership, real estate objects, etc.

We split the payment

We split the payment into a few parts according to the agreed schedule. Issue of IGAS research documents in the name of a buyer is possible after a minimum payment.

We declare, we confirm

As a manufacturer our company provides the most affordable price in the market.


The laboratory allows us to control the product quality at any manufacturing stage.

The purity of product chemical composition corresponds to the declared one, which is ensured by a high level of production quality control, and laboratory analysis during certain stages of the manufacturing cycle, and also confirmed by the relevant documents.



DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2 nickel wire

This wire is made of unalloyed nickel. According to the GOST 492-2006, the nickel content in the NP2 alloy chemical composition is at least 99.50%. We purchase a blank with a nickel content of at least 99.80%, because exactly such a type of wire is in demand, and it ensures that all the requirements are met.
In case, if a buyer in Europe needs our products, then we have a warehouse in Germany, where there is always some quantity of goods that have got customs clearance. Our foreign company, Consultant metal L.P, is the owner of nickel wire in Germany. Сhemical composition certificate IGAS research is issued In Germany. All other documents - SKR (Safekeeping Receipt), Evaluation, and Deposit receipt are issued in the name of a buyer after payment.

DKRNT 0.025 KT NP1 nickel wire

We have experience in nickel wire manufacturing from NP1 alloy. The nickel content is at least 99.90% (GOST 492-2006). We have already produced a wire with a nickel content of 99.98% at our factory. Such product demand is very low, that is why we produce it only on a by-order basis.

NP1 alloy wire is a product of a higher price category. A significant cost increase of the product is determined by the following factors:

1). Higher costs for the purchase of rolled stock.
2). When drawing, inevitable material losses occur due to frequent discontinuities. Thus, the number of finished products with a diameter of 0.025 mm reduses.

It is important herewith that products made from the NP2 alloy can provide all production, technological, and other needs, including such one as the formation of a financial asset.
Our company has an experience of producing a products with a nickel content of 99.98%. Such product demand is low in the Russian and global markets. That is why we produce it only on a by-order basis.